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Best Grinder Review

Cannabis or Marijuana is a plant that has been used for more than ten centuries for medical purpose. It can help with more than 150 health problems and patients report that it does not have so many harmful side effects as pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis is not legal in all of the States within the United States and before getting a weed grinder you should be aware if it is prohibited in the place where you live. The best grinders are devices used for cutting cannabis and grinding it into fine, consistent and fluffy herb that afterwards can be used rolled in a joint or packed in a pipe or a vaporizer. There are many types of grinders and it is very important that you buy good ones. Why is this so?Well, if your grinder is good then you will get ground material of fine consistency with all its potent ingredients preserved. People that consume cannabis talk about collecting kief. It is found on fresh cannabis leaves and is also called trichomes. When you grind dry cannabis trichomes can be seen as crystals or the so called kief.

Types Of Cannabis Grinders

There are basically four types of grinders and they all have their advantages or disadvantages. The four types are:
Electric grinders which are constructed so that they are useful for people with arthritis or hand injury. These are really easy to use-put your weed in and press the button.
Wooden grinders are not among the most popular nowadays but can be used in case you do not have your regular one. Some people love them though for the natural material they are made from. 
Metal grinders are the most popular type of cannabis grinders. 
The top brands are said to be:
*Sharpstone-famous for their excellent material and extra sharp teeth 
*Spacecase-said to be the number one on the market, with top quality materials, design and performance 
*Mendo Mulcher-so many good features in one grinder make Mendo Mulcher grinders cannabis users dream. Since they have 88 teeth which is more than other grinders on the market, it is clear that they grind every single bud you put in them. These grinders are just perfect to use with your vaporizer. 
*Santa Cruz Shredder-ultra sonically cleansed and with teeth that cut like diamonds, Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are top notch. Some cannabis grinders are better than the other and there are some disadvantages even with the best and most expensive ones. It is up to you to make the decision.

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